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More and more,  teaches, speakers and trainers are using the internet to reach a wider audience and achieve their educational goals.  Wouldn’t it be nice to teach  your class or seminar once, and continue to be able to reach your audience and  generate regular income from these classes at the same time? Sounds good, right? Not sure what to do to make that happen? Don’t worry, that is where Craft My Training comes in.  We help “train the trainers.”

Trainers need effective methods to organize training materials, build courses and prepare content for access  on the web by multiple devices and viewable across many screen sizes. Craft my Training or CMT,  can help you re-purpose and refine your existing course materials to assure the content can translated into a highly effective competency based training experience on the web for a global audience. With options from helping you build out your course materials to full production of your online course, CMT has you covered!

Take a moment and imagine a world where…

You can dramatically extend the reach of your class or workshop!

Bringing your class or seminar online with Craft My Training can open up worlds you never dreamed of. We help bring your class from a local workshop to one with a global reach.

You have a team supporting you!

You no longer need to feel overwhelmed at the idea of bringing your class or seminar online.  Craft My Training is here to provide whatever level of support you need. Whether you only need a little assistance or whether you want help with all aspects, Craft my Training has you covered!

You have extra time in your day!

With Craft My Training on your team, you will have extra time in your day to  create amazing content, engage with your audience, or even take a vacation… all the while knowing it will continue to grow even in your absence!

You can feel confident in your strategy!

Craft My Training can help with more than just bringing your class online. We can help you set up a marketing strategy to let people know about your amazing course so you are constantly extending the reach of your class or workshop!

You don’t have to worry about how to film your class or seminar by yourself!

Leave the production work to us! With many years working on Hollywood productions, Craft My Training can help remove the stress of shooting your class. Let us create a professional and great looking version of your class. We can handle all aspects of production – shooting, editing, digitizing for the web. We can even help with talent if you need it!

Our Method

At CMT, we guide instructors through each step of building and hosting competency based training courses that drive revenue and help you reach a global audience. Our method assures each step required to market, build and host your online training is based on mastering skills and creating content rather than abstract concepts and impractical theory.

Our Ideology

We take great pride in helping transform existing content from subject matter experts, teachers and trainers into web ready structured training that can be packaged and available to a global audience. Having teaching skills alone is not enough. Having the ability to offer great content that is structured for maximum impact is the core of a successful course development program.

Our Goal

At Craft My Training, we strive to help you stay ahead of the curve. With online training becoming more and more popular, high quality, web based training is rapidly replacing many traditional forms of education. Many industries require competency training with measurable results but lack an efficient way to build competency training for individuals with increasingly complex and technical career paths. Craft My Training is here to help you simplify the process.

I love teaching

“Choose a Job You Love, and You Will Never Have To Work a Day in Your Life”             – Unknown

A little about me…

Hi! I am Scott Snare. I have been a teacher in one shape or form my entire life. Starting at a young age, I found myself fascinated with technology and its impacts on our lives and our world. Soon I found myself, teaching others how to use technology and how to incorporate technology to help solve problems.  My passion for teaching was born! My love for teaching lead me to focus my education towards a training theme and pushed me to go to earn and undergraduate degrees in Business Economics and a masters degree in Telecommunications. 

Teaching is who I am

My love of water sports, scuba diving and skiing led me expand my teaching by becoming a certified PADI scuba diving instructor as well as a PSIA Ski Instructor. My experience as a PADI and  PSIA Instructor was the perfect combination of teaching technical book theory about  safety along with with practical instruction.

” It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge. ”  ~ Albert Einstein  

Later in my career, my interest grew to involve film and television production as well as film and digital production technology.  I have been fortunate to have received several directing and producing credits for my work on shows, including Aspen Today, The X Games, and Telluride Film Festival, along with multiple other projects in film and television.


Fast forward to today, Craft My Training is the culmination of my passion to help others create a career in training and teaching. Bringing my passion, extensive technical experience and training background, I have crafted a program unlike any other theoretical training sites.  Craft My Training was created so that I can help guide you step by step, through the technical and practical challenges of building, refining and marketing your online training to help you reach a Global market. 

” Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn. ”   ~ Benjamin Franklin

What we do

Discover all of the amazing services we offer at Craft My Training

Here’s how we can help

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the thought of creating an online version of your class or workshop? We are here to help. This is one of the reasons we created Craft My Training… so you don’t have to go it alone! Whether you just need a little help, or you would rather have someone handle everything for you, we have options to fit your specific individual needs.


Slide Deck Creation / Review

Having an amazing slide deck for your course can help student more easily understand the information you are providing.  We offer slide deck services from reviewing your existing slide deck to full scale design of your slide deck.


Course Strucure

Bringing your course or workshop online means breaking it down into smaller segments or modules. Molding your content into a straightforward and thoughtful course is essential. We are here to help create an attractive, engaging course with add-ons and extras that students crave.


Video Production

Shooting on your iphone is great for some things but if you want your online course to really pop, professional production services are what you want. Fortunately, that is what we do! With our many year of film production, we can shoot your course and bring it to the next level!


One on One Coaching Sessions

Need more personal and hands on help?  The good news is personalized one on one coaching sessions with me are available to purchase. I will be happy to help personally guide you through the process and assist in whatever ways that are needed. From brainstorming to marketing, whatever your needs I am here to help.


Web Design

Not all websites are equal! Your amazing new online course deserves an amazing  website to match.  Our team utilized the most current trends in digital marketing to help design a website for your class that helps convert prospects to new students. 


Marketing Plans

So you’ve got your newly designed online course… so now what?  You need students! Craft My Training can help your create and launch a marketing plan designed to target your key audience and convert leads into purchases.


Performance Coaching

Have an amazing course, but not so comfortable in front of the camera.  No worries! We can help you with private performance coaching  from a Hollywood actress and acting coach who can teach you some simple tricks to help you become more at ease in front of the camera and connect with your audience through the lens.


Talent Aquisitions

Uncomfortable in front of the camera and don’t think performance coaching will help? Want someone else to be the face of your online course?  We can help with that too.  With our connections in the acting world, we can help provide on-camera and voice-over talent for your project should you need it!

Check out some examples of our work!

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Ready to get started?

Ready to start the process of taking your class or workshop global?

Start with the basics

Ready to dip your toe into the world of online courses? Our Starter Plan may just be the perfect option for you.  Let us help you get started with some easy to follow lessons than will help guide you through the process of taking your classes from local to global! 

The beautiful thing about our Starter Plan is it designed to get you started without breaking your bank. You still need to put in the work, but we will be here to help guide you on your way!

Ready to get started now?

Excited about getting your course out to the world? We have some amazing options to help kick start your online class!


Starter Plan

6 week Course
  • Six Course Lessons – (one lesson per week for six weeks)
  • Audio download of each lesson video
  • Downloadable workbook and lesson plan
  • Free downloadable copy of Scott’s book “Insert Name Here” ($49 value)
  • Access to the Exclusive Facebook Group with access to weekly “live” Q&A sessions ($700 value)
  • Free review of your existing slide deck ($79 value)

Jump Start Plan

12 week Course
  • Twelve Course Lessons – (one lesson per week for twelve weeks)
  • Audio download of each lesson video
  • Downloadable workbook and lesson plan
  • Free downloadable copy of Scott’s book “Insert Name Here” ($49 value)
  • Three  –   One on One phone calls with Scott to discuss progress, issues and strategy for your course. ($447 value)
  • Access to the Exclusive Facebook Group with access to weekly “live” Q&A sessions ($700 value)
  • Detailed review of your existing course material from top to bottom with detailed notes on how you can improve the quality and effectiveness of your course.

Ultimate Plan

This plan includes everything you need to take your class from local to global. Full video production of your course, marketing plan
  • Twelve Course Creation Lessons – (one lesson per week for twelve weeks)
  • Two lessons on developing a marketing plan for your course.
  • Audio download of each lesson video
  • Downloadable workbook and lesson plan
  • Detailed review of your existing course material from top to bottom with detailed notes on how you can improve the quality and effectiveness of your course. ($399 value)
  • Free downloadable copy of Scott’s book “Insert Name Here” ($49 value)
  • Weekly One on One phone calls with Scott to discuss progress, issues and strategy for your course and help keep you on track for success. ($1499 value)
  • Full professional video and audio production of your online course. Includes full edit as well as assistance getting your completed course online and set up for digital delivery.
  • Access to the Exclusive Facebook Group with access to weekly “live” Q&A sessions ($700 value)

Check out some our amazing Add-ons

We have several amazing Add-on modules to help you launch a successful online course without the hassle of having to figure everything out yourself. We are here to help!


Web Design

Get an amazing website to go along with your amazing online course
  • Need a great website to help launch your new online course?  We can design a sleek, modern one page style website designed to help drive potential students to enroll in your course.

Custom Marketing Plan

Design a powerful marketing plan to drive traffic to your new course
  • Private phone call with Scott to discuss marketing needs and help us better access what the most effective marketing plan for your course might be.
  • Learn how to effectively market with Facebook and Instagram
  • Make the most of your marketing within your budget. 

Additional Private Coaching

One hour Private Coaching Session phone call with Scott Snare
  • Feel like you need some additional one on one coaching with Scott? Now you  can add additional private coaching sessions as the need arises. 
  • One on One Private Coaching phone call with Scott to discuss progress, issues and strategy for your course and help keep you on track for success. 

Performance Coaching

3 – One hour online Private Performance Coaching Sessions
  • Three – one hour Private Performance Coaching sessions via Skype/Facetime with Actress and Acting Coach, Deborah Vancelette
  • Video of each session will be emailed following session
  • At home assignments and exercises to do between sessions
  • If you’d like Deborah to be present with you when you actually shoot your course, she is available for in-person coaching for an additional fee.   Let us know if this is something you would be interested in and we can provide a quote for the additional costs. 

Slide Deck Redesign

Let us take your existing slide deck and give it a facelift
  • We will take your existing slide deck (once you’ve finished your selected course and have finalized any slide deck changes) and give your content a visual redesign.
  • Presentation matters.  A newly customized slide deck can be an effective tool in helping you convert prospects into actual sales! 
Quote on request

Talent acquisitions

Don’t want to be the face of your class? Need someone else to be in your online class video with you? We can help you cast your talent needs.
  • With our connections in Hollywood we can assist in casting for your online video course.
  • Whether you want someone to be the face of your class of you simply need an additional person to help with demonstrations, etc during your online class shoot, we can help you find the perfect person.
  • Prices will depend on your specific needs and will include cost of talent for day of shoot and any travel or housing costs (depending on where production shoot is being filmed)


Check out what some of our previous clients have to say about working with us!

Because it’s all about happy clients…

“I trust Scott and his team at Craft My Training to design engaging online courses from your area of expertise. He and his team excel in delivering highly effective educational content that is interesting, engaging and user friendly. They have created a unique model where you can learn how to reach your online audience, create an engaging course, and grow your ideas. Scott and his support team care as much about your online course as you do. I highly recommend them for all your online educational needs.”

Mark Gaynor

Professor of Health Management & Policy College for Public Health & Social Justice Saint Louis University​

Scott and I have worked together on multiple projects that involved filming with a crew and actors. His ability to stay organized, on-track, and upbeat were essential to creating our films together. He is able to keep humor, deadlines and problem solving all in balance when it really counts. He’s smart and fun…that’s the best combination!”

Rowan Morrigan

Film Producer, Trickster Flicks LLC

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